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Just forty years ago, on April 24, 1974, an event occurred which swiftly and dramatically changed the face of Southern Africa. It was the coup d’etat which brought the dictatorship in Portugal crashing down and with it the Portuguese empire, including its giant colonies of Angola and Mozambique. That in turn breached the last great dyke between African black nationalism and the resolute white rulers of Rhodesia, South West Africa and South Africa, and simultaneously triggered nearly two decades of civil war in the former colonies.
Now, for the first time, a unique photographic record of what happened in Angola and Mozambique is available. It is a book titled “Watershed” with text by me, Wilf Nussey, and hundreds of photos taken by the many lensmen and reporters who worked with me to cover this dramatic period in African history. The large format of the book has given great scope for stunning display and design by the publishers, 30 Degrees South in Southern Africa and Helion in Britain.
This is a rare and striking account of an often overlooked yet signally important development that, perhaps more than any other pressure, forced the surrender of the white rulers to black rulers, an indispensable addition to any Africana collection.

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